May 10, 2009

Taling Chan Floating Market, ตลาดน้ำตลิ่งชัน

Taling Chan Floating Market
Taling Chan Floating Market starting from 1987, Mr. Prachum Charoenlap, Talingchan district director at that time has initaiated the project aiming to create a marketplace for agricultural products which were abundant in the surrounding area, then the market was transformed into a floating market. Beginning from the construction of 5 bamboo rafts to sell foods and noodles in 1999, and being gradually developed to the present day of 11 iron floats. Boat excursions to visit Orchid farms, flower nurseries, or snake farms in Phasi Charoen Canal also are available for the tourists.

Khlong Chakphra
This canel, indentical with Khlong Bang Khunsri was dug to cannect Khlong Bangkok Noi (at the area opposite Wat Suwan Khiri) to Khlong Bangkok Yai and Khlong Phasi Charoen (at the point where the two canals meet) It is 8 kilometres long. Its name Chak Phra derives from the event on the second day of the waning moon, in the twelveth month of the year. On this particular day, the great relics of the Gautama Buddha and those of his close followers are brought to be housed on the throne of the ceremonial boat. The boat is then drawn by people from Wat Nangchi, through Khlong Bangkok Noi to Wat Kai Tia at Taling Chan before noon time, after the ceremony of serving food to monks, the boat is drawn back via Klong Bangkok Noi into the Chao Phraya River, Khlong Bangkok Yai and finally into Khlong Dan back to Wat Nang Chi from where the boat starts, this important event continues to be performed annually, Chak Phra means a process of drawing eihter Buddha image or his great relics during a merit making activity.

Taling Chan Floating Market, Talingchan District, Bangkok
Open : 8.00 to 16.00
Boat to visit, around 2 hrs.
1. Orchid Farms and Wat Pikun
Adult 90 baht Child 50 baht
Saturday and Sunday 9.00 to 16.00
2. Snake Farms and Wat ...
Adult 150 baht Child 60 baht
Sunday 13.00 pm.

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